Saturday, July 25, 2015

How to Draw a Cat Easy Step by Steps For Preschool and Kindergarten Kids

The drawing lesson described below is just to demonstrate how to draw a cat easy step by steps using shapes. If you can draw basic shapes, then you can follow this drawing tutorial. The drawing lesson is intended for kids in early childhood education program, preschool, kindergarten through grade two.

1)First we start with drawing a head, and it is just a simple circle.

2)Then we can draw ears in upper left and right of the circle. To draw an ear is almost the same with drawing a triangle. Now, your picture will look like this:

3)Now we can continue with drawing a nose (a small triangle) and a mouth (curve lines) as shown below:
4)Looking good so far, we continue to draw the cat's eyes. The eye is just look like an ellipse, so what you have to do is to draw ellipses just above the nose on the left and right. Then you need to draw a small circle in the middle of each ellipse and then draw a small line in each small circle. The picture will look like this:

5)As every cat must has mustaches, then we can add mustaches. To draw mustaches is simple just make three curve lines in the left and right below the nose. Now, the head of our cat is ready.

6)Let draw its neck. To draw a neck is just the same with drawing a small rectangle just below the head.

7)Now, we can add the body of the cat. To draw a body is almost the same with drawing an ellipse as you can see in the picture below:
8)Now we can add four legs and a tail. To draw a leg is the same with drawing a long small rectangle, while drawing a tail is just the same with drawing a long but slim triangle.

9)Well, what else is missing? if you like you can also draw some mottles in the body, just to make our cat look more interesting. Drawing a mottle is just the same with drawing a triangle. You can draw three mottles in the body of the cat.

10)Finally you have a cute picture of cat. Now you can color it as you like? What is the color of your cat? what color do you like? If you have no idea, you may follow the example below:
11)You can also watch the video of drawing a cat:

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